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    Our Services

    Clothing alterations Everybody wants their clothes to look as though they were made especially for them.  Some people are easy to fit and have learned the correct sizes for their figures and have beautifully fitted clothes.  Most people, however, aren't perfect and find it difficult to obtain a comfortable, attractive fit in mass-produced clothes.  If you want a perfect fit come to the European Tailoring Shop and we'll make sure your clothes look as if they were custom-made for you.

    Garment remodeling Can't part with your favorite outfit, even though it's out of style? Want to save cash on a new dress for a special occasion?  Bring your old outfit to our shop and we'll remodel it up to today's fashion. see examples

    hand embroidery  A touch of simple embroidery or a few beads sewn on your garment is often enough to transform a plain little dress into something very special (not to mention that it can give a second life to an outfit that's ripped or torn in a place where it is possible to cover with embroidery or a bead ornament).  

    clothing repair We offer a wide variety of repair services.   We can successfully replace a zipper or velcro as well as repair ripped buttonholes or hand mend a tear in your outfit.

    dry-cleaning  Need to get your clothes fixed or altered? Need to get your dry cleaning done? Don't have time to run errands all day? No problem! Make one stop with us and both things will be done at one convenient location!

    while-you-wait Have an alteration or repair emergency? No problem! Come on over and have a cup of coffee or read the latest magazines while we fix your clothing.

    custom doll dressmaking and doll dress repair We can repair your doll's old outfit or create a beautiful new one using our knowledge in doll dressmaking and your own ideas.  see examples